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It takes years to make an experience and it takes experience to make a legends. There is no age for your passion to start with, just makes a point that “Life is One and you are the Only One” that can drive down passion in reality, leaving all the excuses behind and focusing on Live to Ride-Ride to Live.

All bikes are unique in their own way, it depends what you are looking for?

Here is the short experience of one of the person who rides since age 15 and have almost 20 years of thrilling experience and his love for bikes is incredible.

People will never forget how we made them feel, so does this person made many others to feel that whether you have money or not but your burning desires will get the way out for you and you will get the best from that. His first bike was 2000 Hero Honda CBZ in India, that time he never thought of having super bikes in his life. He is the first one who bought Honda Goldwing in Sultanate of Oman, the first dashing bike which increases the heart beats of many locals with its looks and one of the best bikes for long tour. Thereafter it seems he has got many super bikes and did many long trips on bike. He has got reverenced by many well know non political service organizations and many appreciations and even medals for his riding skills and road trips.The pivotal message which we have learnt from him is “Let yourself fall in Love with your passion again and again and one day passion will takes you the heights of ecstasy”.


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